Artexpo 2020 New York


Artexpo 2020 New York

April 23–26, 2020

Pier 94, New York City

Booth #S309 [SOLO]

Artist Biography & Statement (online)

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Artist Bio

Thirty-five wonderful years Leilani-Euphrosyne traveled the world as a flight attendant for Lufthansa. She was always fascinated by foreign people, their cultures and above all by the world’s most diverse artistic genres. Her special interest however has always been painting. As a flight attendant, Leilani was very close to the sky. Now she paints to experience the sky down on earth. „When painting I feel free as a bird and blissful as a child!“ She is a real globetrotter who discovers herself while painting.

Since she no longer flies on duty, she finally has enough time to devote herself more intensively to her passion of painting. She has attended the following various courses: Frankfurt Art Academy, another painting school in Frankfurt, watercolor classes, „Creativecamp“ in Königstein, a workshop in Bad Homburg, the Art Academy „EigenArt“ in Bad Heilbrunn, painting tours with „artistravel“, a painting class in Murnau/Staffelsee and several other painting classes near Munich. Pretty soon her own and unique style and her actual motivation for painting crystallized.

Her art is inspired by various styles from around the world and her favorite color palettes depict Hawaii, the Seychelles and Zanzibar. She draws and creates from within. She also exclusively employs Aura Soma essences, which are selectively and skillfully mixed into the partly crystalline colors to intensify the deeply positive and inspiring effect of her art. All of her works exude lightness and cheerfulness, and radiate femininity and pure joie de vivre.

Her paintings feel like a sparkling and refreshing sip of champagne, but also above all they delicately affect and inspire on the subtle and spiritual level. They are very unique and authentic „magical and powerful pictures that inspire the soul“. Leilani’s Mantra: Go through the world with love, light and floral scent in your heart! Enjoy the lightness and dance frequently and wildly because joy and ecstasy are the secrets of the universe!

Leilani Euphrosyne was born in the beautiful town of Schramberg in the middle of the Black Forest. Her parents owned a stylish boutique with fine porcelain, ceramic and glass articles. Therefore, already during her childhood she was surrounded by and lived with „beautiful things and pieces of decorative art and craft“. She is mother of two children. For many years she lived near Frankfurt/Main.

Aloha Mahalo, Focus on Bliss,
Leilani Euphrosyne

P.S.: Do you wish to know how she came up with her artist name?
• “Leilani” is Hawaiian and means „Flower of Heaven“
• “Euphrosyne” is in Greek mythology one of the three graces (goddesses of grace). Euphrosyne embodies joy and happiness, spreads cheerfulness and is always to be found where there is something to celebrate. 😉

Artist Statement

I believe that the making of art is a spiritual act. „He who has art also has religion,“ said Goethe. The devotion to a mysterious leadership, listening to one’s own creative impulses and opening up to inspiration is a profoundly spiritual dimension. Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one and only precious life? My answer is quite clear: to participate in the „re-enchantment of the world“. I glow in order to bring the sky down to the earth. „When I paint I feel free as a bird and blissful as a child.“

My favorite quotes

One of the most calming 
and powerful actions
you can do to intervene
in a stormy world 
is to stand up
and show your soul.

Soul on deck shines
like gold in dark times.

(Source: Clarissa Pinkola Estés)

The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.
(Quelle: Pablo Picasso)

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